Engage your employees in sustainability with a World Days experience!



Don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your employees to sustainability through short engagement sessions. 

5 topics, all-year sustainability engagement!



World Days Package


Celebrate Water Day, Earth Day, Clean Air Day, or any other significant world day with a gamified engagement session, where your employees can learn, have fun and share their ideas on the sustainability topics important for your company.


Scroll down to learn more about each topic.



World Water Day 22nd of March 


Engagement around water use, water waste and the environmental and social impact of water intense activities.
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Earth Day 22nd of April 

This year's topic is responsible investments and the role of ESG in fuelling sustainable growth.


Biodiversity Day 22nd of May

Engagement in understanding how to tackle biodiversity loss through individual and business practices.
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Pollution Day 7th of September

From air pollution to water pollution, explore the effects of human activities and ways to reduce the negative impact.


Waste Day 29th of September

From food waste to plastic waste and e-waste, how to reduce waste and with it the CO2 footprint.
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4 Easy steps to get you started


         - You choose the concepts, languages, and set the length (15-25 min.)
         - We customize the content for your company
         - We send you the optimized link to the experience
         - Have fun sharing and learning with your employees (12-500 max.)



Benefits of this engagement

  •     - Engage your employees in sustainability discussions on a proper occasion
  •     - Save time* to develop concept, content, sessions
  •     - Grab a golden opportunity for internal and external communication on sustainability
        - Gather employee sentiment and ideas in a final report           
        - Create visibility for the company

            *(2 weeks from order to deployment)


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“Our employees enjoyed the experience and we were happy to have used a different and more engaging way to convey our message while educating them”

Laura Colantuono, Head of International Communications at KraftHeinz

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Is this an e-learning or a training solution?

The 2030 Builders training is a solution where participants can safely engage with sustainability. By facilitating simulation experiences and providing opportunities for participants to collaborate, ideate, and take ownership of sustainability concepts, we empower employees to act. Our goal is to ensure all members of the organization are learning, understanding, and practicing behaviors in alignment with the sustainability KPIs of your company. 

Is this in person or remote?

 BOTH! You decide how you want to roll it out! Our training is digitally facilitated and self-paced and intuitive. All you need is one main screen and for every participant to bring their smartphone.

For whom is the platform designed?

Our solution is for organizations dedicated to ensuring their employees have a relatable and meaningful understanding of sustainability and the company’s sustainability strategy. We work with organizations that want to avoid greenwashing, take the right steps towards sustainability responsibility, and see how these actions translate into real impact in the world.

Our product is designed for employees of these organizations. The 2030 Builders engagement solution makes it easy for all members of an organization to relate to, understand, and act on sustainability.

Can the training content be customized to the company’s needs?

Absolutely! Nothing is one-size-fits-all when it comes to sustainability. This is why 2030 Builders is dedicated to finding a seamless integration process that works for each of our partner’s unique needs.

How many employees can have access to a company account?

All of them! Our mission is to make sustainability accessible, relatable, and actionable for all employees. 

When can I have access to my customized training?

In 3 weeks from when we have agreed on the sustainability concept